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West Nile Effort for Museveni SACCO grows membership

ARUA-West Nile Effort for Museveni SACCO membership is fast growing its membership, its officials say.

This SACCO founded by the late former MP of Arua Municipality, Ibrahim Abiriga in early 2000 has over 2, 500 members who are supporters of the National Resistance Movement [NRM] drawn from across the sub-region.

Mahamud Abdallah, the SACCO chairman, says much as the growing membership is their capital base, managing the big number is a challenge. “When I call for a meeting, we usually struggle to get enough space which can accommodate all of us,” he says.

He adds: “When you pass information to members, it is hard for everyone to get it because we are many. Managing this big number of people is not easy,” Abdallah says.

“Many people join us thinking that NRM gives us a lot of money, but this is not the case. The name of the SACCO was chosen to appreciate government for the current peace, which brought most of us from exile after escaping the political turmoil of  the1970s and early 1980s. We don’t demand much from government but it often employs our members in public service,” he added.

Zaitum Chandiru, the SACCO vice chairperson says that women constitute the biggest percentage of their members.

She says apart from the saving scheme, the SACCO also empowers women in leadership. “I joined politics and now I am a councilor because of the empowerment I got from the SACCO. The SACCO  partly funded my campaigns,” Chandiru said.

The secretary of the SACCO, Jabir Zandiga, said their membership is growing enormously because they mobilise for people to join the SACCO right from the grassroots.

He said: “This SACCO has members’ savings to the tune of Shs 1 billion.”

President Yoweri Museveni has been appointing members of the SACCO resident district commissioners including; late Abiriga, Peter Debele, former RDC of Arua and Kiryadongo, late Abdul Achiga, former RDC Arua and Swadik Angupale, deputy RDC Adjumani.”

The SACCO, he said expects to receive a donation of Shs 700mln from President Museveni.

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