IDF WDS 2022: Co-ops will make India 3rd economic power-Minister

NEW DELHI – While Prime of India Narendra Modi early this week launched the International Dairy Federation’s World Dairy Summit 2022 [ IDF WDS 2022 ], Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah addressed the Summit on ‘Relevance of Cooperative Institutions for Dairy Sector’ in Greater Noida.

The four-day-long IDF WDS 2022, held from September 12-15, is a congregation of global and Indian dairy stakeholders including industry leaders, experts, farmers and policy planners centring around the theme of ‘Dairy for Nutrition and Livelihood’.

Around 1500 participants from 50 countries are expected to participate in IDF WDS 2022. The last such Summit held in India was about half a century ago in 1974. Union Minister Amit Shah said due to the efforts of crores of our cattle rearing brothers, especially sisters and farmers, the country has not only become self-sufficient in the dairy sector but also, we are able to export.

In the last eight years under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi India has become the 5th largest economy from the 11th economy and I am confident that soon we will become the third largest economy in which the cooperative sector will play a big role, stressed Shah.

Today India has become the world’s largest milk producer with the contribution of lakhs [rupees] of small and marginal dairy farmers, in the dairy sector the cooperative institutions have the highest relevance in India today, he stated.

Shah said the government led by Modi believes that there should be a positive change in the lives of poor farmers of India as well as around the world, for this there should be an exchange of success stories of the cooperative sector [like India’s Amul] between the countries, so that the people of the whole world could be benefited.

Lauding the Indian cooperative system, Shah said the country has successfully put a model of cooperation in front of the world. It’s a model which can strengthen the economy of the country by bringing about equal development in every field. There has been 360 degree development of the cooperative sector in India and there has not been any area which is not touched by the cooperative.

The government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is promoting natural farming in the country by encouraging farmers, natural farming as well as concern about the health of the citizens of the country is done through cooperative dairy, he stated.

Cooperative dairy and other cooperative institutions have contributed a lot in rural development of Gujarat, dignitaries attending World Dairy Summit 2022 should see Gujarat’s cooperative model, he said.

The natural farming products will contribute significantly to the development of India’s economy along with bringing prosperity to the lives of the farmers of the country, Shah underlined.

In countries around the world, farmers get only 40-50 percent of the profits from milk production in the dairy industry, but in India, dairy cooperatives deposit 70 percent of the consumer price in the bank accounts of the milk producing farmers which is a great achievement of India, the whole world should adopt this model.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi India’s goal is to fulfil the spirit of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam by delivering milk products to every poor country, concluded the Minister.

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