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New ICA-EU Partnership on cooperative development launched in Brussels

BRUSSELS, April 17, 2024 – The International Cooperative Alliance [ICA] recently signed a new partnership agreement with the European Commission in Brussels. Starting this month, this five-year international cooperative development programme aims to strengthen the ICA network and boost its role in promoting international cooperative development policies and programmes.

The partnership between the two sides includes closer cooperation between the different ICA regional and global offices, as well as member organisations, partners, civil society organisations, international institutions, and other development stakeholders.

As part of this partnership, the ICA will be carrying out a range of activities on capacity building and knowledge sharing; research and education; advocacy and partnerships; visibility and communications, as well as enhanced programme management.

The ICA’s Strategy Unit for this programme includes the directors from the global and regional offices, who will be setting the strategic directions for the programme. The ICA will work with the European Commission’s Directorate General for International Partnerships [DG INTPA].

“The agreement is a strong political recognition towards the ICA and the cooperative movement is considered a key actor for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Marc Noël, the ICA’s Director of International Development.

Earlier this month Marlene Holzner, Head of the Unit at the European Commission, met with the ICA DG Jeroen Douglas to discuss various aspects of the partnership agreement.

This is the second partnership between the ICA and the European Commission, following its successful predecessor 2016-2021.

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