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ICA-AP set to host 11th Ministers’ Conference in Jordan

LONDON, April 16, 2024 – The International Cooperative Alliance Asia and Pacific [ICA-AP], in partnership with the Jordan Co-operative Corporation [JCC], and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is set to host the 11th Asia Pacific Cooperative Ministers’ Conference [11th APCMC].

Scheduled from April 28-30, 2024, the event will take place at Crowne Plaza Jordan – Dead Sea Resort & Spa in Jordan.

With a theme centered on “Partnerships between Government and Cooperatives for Cooperative Resilience, Sustainable Development, and Inclusive Growth in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and North Africa [MENA] regions,” the conference aims to highlight the significant role of cooperatives in driving socio-economic progress.

Acknowledging cooperatives as democratic, community-centric entities owned by members, the conference seeks to facilitate cooperation between governments and cooperatives.

It underscores the necessity of clear legal frameworks and supportive policies to unleash the full potential of cooperative enterprises, thereby contributing to economic expansion, job generation, and social advancement.

Government representatives from 17 nations, alongside cooperative stakeholders from across the Asia-Pacific and MENA regions, will gather to exchange insights on cooperative-government partnerships, engage with influential leaders, and actively participate in shaping policies conducive to sustainable development.

Reflecting on the previous conference held in Vietnam in April 2017, which was endorsed by the government of Vietnam, it was organized jointly by the Government of Vietnam, the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance [VCA], and the International Cooperative Alliance Asia and Pacific [ICA-AP].

Under the theme “Vision Ahead of 2020 – Stakeholders in realising the sustainable development goals,” the 10th Asia Pacific Cooperative Ministers’ Conference emphasized the vital role of cooperatives in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs].

Discussions revolved around the contributions of cooperatives towards the SDGs, strategies to strengthen partnerships between governments and cooperative stakeholders, and the formulation of a roadmap to fully harness the potential of cooperatives in sustainable development initiatives.

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