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SACCOs urged to Embrace mobile banking systems

Sacco group members in West Nile have been warned on the way they handle their dividends after distribution. This follows a recent case where thugs almost robbed a Sacco group after they withdrew their money from one of the commercial banks in Arua town.

The police spokesperson for West Nile sub-region Josephine Angucia says the Sacco group members need to be vigilant of their own security as Police won’t be every way to provide security. “You shouldn’t expose your money to the people who can easily attack and rob you. This is because we have got similar causes were SACCO’s have been robbed and peoples savings lost. Others have been robbed on the way from the bank” adds Josephine Angucia.

The branch manager of West Nile private sector development promotion center Sam Ejoyi appeals that the group members need to embrace mobile banking systems as thugs will target them from the banks when withdrawing their money. “I am hopeful that systems of mobile banking are going to be produced,” says Sam Ejoyi

However, the district cooperative officer of Arua Herbert Angutoko says the Sacco members need to deploy a security personnel to escort them to banks if they can’t manage to offer their own security. He further adds that the Sacco members need to appoint educated knowledgeable leaders who can guide them in all directions including safety of their money.

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