New tool to boost cooperative innovation in Uruguay launched

The Canvas can help cooperatives find innovative solutions to problems, or question what they already know

MONTEVIDEO -Uruguayan cooperatives have launched a new tool to foster knowledge sharing among cooperatives and boost innovation.

Named Canvas, the tool structures thinking and helps to include different elements in project design processes that can be very important both to improve the idea and to increase its chances of success when applying it.

The Canvas can help cooperatives find innovative solutions to problems, or question what they already know and always do. The tool also reflects the realities and necessities of cooperatives and their distinct values and principles.

“The canvas is a tool to think collaboratively and innovate, and we hope that this particular tool is better adapted to what cooperatives need,” says the platform’s website.

The initiative is run by the Federation of Worker Cooperatives of Uruguay [FCPU], Incubacoop and La Diario, with the support of the National Development Agency [ANDE].

The Canvas was created through various meetings where cooperatives shared their experiences, exchanged knowledge and collaborated to come up with a tool that helps them to promote innovation processes.

Meanwhile, Paraguay’s National Institute of Cooperatives [INCOOP] has declared the VI Summit of Cooperativas de las Américas as an event of interest for the country’s cooperators.

The Summit to be held from October 24-27 will feature training sessions on how to integrate future and current leaders, managers, collaborators and partners. These topics fall in line with the fifth and sixth cooperative principles on the promotion of education, training and information and cooperation among cooperatives.

The event will be hosted in the capital of Asunción will also discuss the upcoming Continental Congress of Cooperative Law, which will be held under the theme ‘The cooperative law and the cooperative identity in the post-pandemic era’.

Cooperators will have the opportunity to debate the future of the cooperative movement based on the new world context and its role within the international community.

The debates will also focus on the cooperative identity, with emphasis on global challenges and digitisation, economic reactivation and integration, sustainability and climate change.

Young people will be key protagonists in the encounter which will also aim to promote youth cooperative entrepreneurship as a means to generate employment and improve the socioeconomic status of its members.

The international event is organised by Cooperativas of the Americas [ICA Americas], a regional organisation of the International Cooperative Alliance [ICA] for the American continent, in conjunction with the seven of its affiliated members from Paraguay: The Paraguayan Confederación de Cooperativas Limitadas [CONPACOOP], the Confederación de Cooperativas Rurales del Paraguay [CONCOPAR], the Federación de Cooperativas del Paraguay [FECOPAR], Federación de Cooperativas Multiactivas del Paraguay [FECOMULP], the Federación de Cooperativas de Ahorro y Crédito [FECOAC], and Cooperativa Universitaria y Panal Compañía de Seguros Generales S.A.

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