Bududa elderly venture into coffee production

The Bududa district older persons Sacco is venturing in coffee production to rip from increased coffee price, set as a result of rivalry between Bugisu Cooperative Union (BCU) and a German company.

The Utamifi coffee company associated Elgon Union joined the coffee business two years ago, has revolutionalized the coffee industry in Bugisu sub-region by offering high prices compared to Bugisu Cooperative Union.

The company buys coffee at shillings 8000 per kilogram and  Bugisu cooperative union BCU buys at shillings 6000. The company also gives gifts and seedlings, to farmers.

Following the rivalry, many farmers have been attracted to engage in coffee production and the older persons Sacco is among those eyeing to rip from the lucrative coffee business.

According to Mzee Sam Nambale, the chairman Bududa district older persons Sacco, their organization is lobbying for resources to support older persons to start coffee production.

” We want to provide manageable loans to older persons at a lower interest rate of a shillings two percent,” Nambale said.

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