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UPDF, FARDC commanders meet in Fort Portal to review Operation Shujja

FORT PORTAL– Commanders of Uganda People’s Defence Forces [ UPDF ] and their counterparts of the Armed Forces of DR Congo [FARDC] have met in Fort Portal to review the progress of ‘Operation Shujja’ that the two countries launched in 2021 against the Ugandan Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorists that run scattered camps in DR Congo forests.

Major General Kayanja Muhanga, the UPDF Operation Shujja commander said their meeting early this week was aimed at reviewing phases of the operation and laying new strategies for finishing ADF rebels.

“The purpose of this meeting is to review what we have been doing, what we have achieved, and look for the way forward,” he said.

He said they need to renew the efforts of their operation, establish new strategies, and orient themselves according to the enemy dynamics.

He said since the beginning of Operation Shujja, they have managed to defeat ADF who had many camps, which included; Abia 1 and 2, Belu 1 and 2, Loselose, Kambi Ya Yui around R.Semuliki and Njerube.

“We have successfully managed the return of displaced people to their formally abandoned homes, the opening of schools, hospitals, churches, and mosques,” he added.

He said all ADF camps were near the border of the two countries, which was convenient for them to plan and attack communities on either side of the borderline.

He however noted that the ADF have now resorted to moving in smaller numbers, meaning they cannot easily be detected. He said they were looking for a way of dealing with the new tactic by the ADF.

The FARDC commander Major General Bombelle Camille said they are working hard to ensure that ADF which has been terrorizing the people of Uganda and DR Congo is neutralised so that peace and security prevails.

“We are here to again sign the operation order document for the new strategy to deal with smaller groups of ADF who are still causing havoc to our people and the joint forces are ready to execute the new orders,” he said.

Bombelle appealed to the people of Uganda and DR Congo to join the joint forces in the fight against the common enemy.

Asked whether the operation would end soon as per rumours on the social media, the two commanders said they have not gotten any communication from Presidents Museveni and Félix Tshisekedi who are the commanders-in-chief of the armed forces of the respective countries.

Operation Shujja is a code name of the joint operation for offensive action against ADF who are carrying out terrorist activities both in Eastern DR Congo and Uganda.

The operation has so far had three phases. Every two months, a review is conducted to ascertain the progress of the operation and draw mechanisms for the way forward.

The ADF which began as a rebel group in Uganda moved to DR Congo in the late 1990s.

Last year, Uganda deployed over 1,700 soldiers to destroy bases in the Eastern DR Congo.

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