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UMA’s Eastern Region Trade Fair ongoing in Mbale City

MBALE, June 15, 2024 – The Uganda Manufacturers Association [ UMA ] 13th Eastern Region Trade Fair will run for 10 days starting June 14, 2024, at Mbale Secondary School in Mbale City. The fair has attracted exhibitors from neighbouring Kenya, and Tanzania among others.

The trade fair features locally-made products like textiles, food, animal feed, beverages, agricultural machinery, alcohol and spirits, building products, furniture, dairy products, financial services, and several others.

Mubarak Kirunda Nkutu, Director Business Development at UMA said the trade fair will showcase the achievements, innovations, and products of local manufacturers in the country. The trade fair is running under the theme, “Facilitating BUBU through Innovation and Value Addition”.

“We invite businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators from every sector to join us at the show in Mbale City. This event is not just a platform for showcasing products; it is a celebration of resilience, creativity, and the power of innovation. Together, we will drive manufacturing and trade efficiency through digital transformation,” Nkutu said.

He further urged visitors to turn up in large numbers, saying there are a lot of changes and new products which have been brought on board.

Eddie Senkumba, a board member of UMA said they are expecting about 271 exhibitors.

Ajay Jain, the General Manager Crestanks Limited, urged people Bugisu Sub-region and the neighbouring regions to attend the trade fair, saying they will have better ideas on what manufacturers are producing for the country.

Ronald Kasanya, Marketing Officer Diamond Trust Bank [DTB] said they have business recovery loans. “We are going to be giving people various finance options. We have a business recovery scheme to boost your businesses,” said Kasanya.

Lukumani Sebinde, the Sales Manager at Steel and Tube Industries said they have come with new products which they are showcasing in the trade show. “Let us support the Ugandan products,” he said.

The Elgon Regional Police Spokesperson, Rogers Taitika said enough officers have been deployed at the trade fair to ensure security.

The UMA Eastern Region Trade Fair expects to attract about 40,000 visitors, providing an excellent platform for manufacturers to engage with consumers and receive instant feedback.

The event not only celebrates the achievements of local manufacturers but also serves as a benchmarking opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the manufacturing sector in Uganda.

Manufacturing in Uganda is tagged to Buy Uganda Build Uganda [BUBU],  a government policy that was approved by Cabinet in 2014 and launched in 2017 to promote the consumption and procurement of goods and services produced locally. This is meant to  encourage foreign and local investors to produce locally; improve capacity of local producers to supply government, enhance the quality and competitiveness on the local and International market, create jobs and drive the country to achieve middle Income status.

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