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Soroti bus and taxi operators abandon new park

SOROTI– Bus and taxi operators in Soroti City have abandoned the new park that was gazetted for them because of a lack of security lights, according to  Resident City Commissioner Peter Paak Pex.

In a letter dated April 13, 2022,  the city council warned the operators against loading passengers on the streets, but to date, they are still operating on the same streets.

Paak asked the operators to vacate the streets, saying it is inconveniencing other road users and causing congestion, warning that drastic measures will be taken if the transporters do not move their vehicles out of the streets to the new park.

” We agreed on the 21st of march that all bus and taxi operators should be in the park but am not happy this is still happening, “Paak said.

Paak also admitted that the city council has not yet installed security lights in the gazetted area. He asked the operators to stay calm, saying the city is still working on the issue.

The City Lord Mayor,  Joshua Edogu said the gazetted area is suitable for the buses and taxis to operate. He was dismayed that the operators have not taken good use of the allocated place of work.

Edogu dismissed claims that the lack of lights has caused the area to be abandoned, adding that the competition for passengers is the reason some taxi operators station their vehicles on the streets.

“Taxi operators give excuses that they can’t be in the park while buses are taking their passengers,” he said, adding that the city council will engage the police to ensure that streets are cleared of passenger vehicles.

He said there is an ongoing process to improve the new park. “We are in the process of making it more suitable but that should not be the excuse for taxi operators to station their vehicles on streets,” Edogu added.

Salim Opio, of the managers of Y.Y Coaches, said they can not continue operating inside the park when lights because the city council has failed to install the lights, which he said is a security risk, especially at night.

Opio also claimed that places of convenience like toilets are also a challenge they face at the park since they are inadequate. “The city authorities have kept promising us but nothing is being done,” he said.

Irene Nagudi, a city vendor also said she can’t stay in the new park during the day as customers are nowhere to be seen.

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