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Power consumers petition Among over irregular supply

WEST NILE– Electricity Consumers in West Nile Sub-region have petitioned Annet Anita Among, the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda over the irregular power supply.

The West Nile region is yet to be connected to the national grid and has been consuming electricity from Wenreco and Electromax.

The consumers, numbering over 500 were led by Mercy Munduru to hand over their petition, seeking urgent government intervention, saying lack of reliable electricity has retarded development in the region.

Munduru said with the high fuel prices in the country currently, many businesses which rely on electricity are collapsing because of the consistent power blackouts.

“Businesses that depend on electricity are collapsing, our children can`t study especially early in the morning and in the evening, leave alone the health facilities. What we want is for the government to connect us to the national grid so that our region can also develop like other parts of the country,” Munduru said in a telephone interview.

According to Munduru, in the meantime, they want the two electricity providers to be held accountable for breach of contract of failing to provide adequate consistent electricity for consumption.

“Our petition as a citizen group is to advocate to see that the connection to the national grid is accelerated because we can`t have sustainable development with irregular electricity,” he noted.

Derrick Ocatre, a resident of Awindiri in Arua City said for the past month, they haven’t had power for more than four hours in a day.

Ocatre added that the electricity they get is also of low voltage which can`t sustain any serious industrial operation.

Speaker Among  confirmed receipt of the petition on her social media handles saying she will meet the minister in charge of energy and the electricity suppliers. The meeting, she said, will be held next Tuesday.

“On Tuesday I will meet the Minister in charge of energy and the directors of Electro Max, Wenreco , Nyagak, and the petitioners to get to the root cause of the issue,” Among tweeted.

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