Amuru district seeks more time to complete road works

AMURU, January 11, 2024 – Amuru district authorities are engaged in negotiations with the Ministry of Local Government to have the contract period for the ongoing road works extended.

In June 2020, government awarded contracts for the rehabilitation of various roads in the district measuring 70.8 kilometres at a total cost of Shs 6.6 billion.

The district officials said the contract period for the road works ended on December 31, 2023. The road projects were being funded by the International Fund on Agriculture [IFAD] through the Project for Restoration of Livelihoods in Northern Uganda [PRELNOR].

Some of the roads being worked on in the district are; Te-Okutu to Kampala Landing site in Lakang Sub-county with construction completion rate of 93 percent, Amuru Sub County to Palak with the completion rate of 96 percent. Pida Yilo to Pabo road via Jimo is already completed.

Others are Te-Olam to Paminyai via Patiri which currently stands at 87 percent, and Olwal to Guru-guru road whose completion rate stands at 65 percent.

Meanwhile, following a recent evaluation meeting on the progress of the road works, the district authorities noted that the Oceme and Anyima bridges are yet to be completed at a cost of Shs 1.4bln. The rehabilitation of the Olinga Abera bridge is currently at 55 percent while the bridge on the Te-Okutu- Kampala landing site has stalled since early 2023.

Michael Lakony, the Amuru district LCV Chairperson said following the meeting held last week, they have resolved that the district leaders including Members of Parliament engage the Ministry of Local Government for the road works to be extended.

According to Lakony, by mid-March this year, the road works would have been completed.

“I wondering if the money which has already been allocated to fund road works in Amuru district will need to be sent back to Kampala, but for what? After all, this is a loan from IFAD,” Lakony said.

Anthony Akol, the Kilak North Member of Parliament, who in November last year requested the Local Government ministry to the deadline for road works in the Acholi Sub-region to December 31, 2023, said he has already written a letter to back the district`s proposal to have the road contract period extended.

Akol said that at the current rate, it makes no sense for government to abandon road works, saying the project wouldn’t have achieved its vision of restoring livelihoods in Amuru district.

“I am already engaging the minister, because I have written to the Permanent Secretary to make considerations since the overall percentage of road works stands at 87 percent,” Akol said.

Roads in Amuru district are very important because they facilitate in agricultural produce, but also enable access to social facilities such as health centres, schools and other social amenities.

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