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Politicians accused of decampaigning PDM

KWANIA -Political leaders in Lango Sub-region have been accused of decampaigning the Parish Development Model [PDM].

PDM is a new government poverty alleviation programme that aims at helping 3.5 million households still in subsistence farming move into the money economy.

The initiative launched in February 2022 by President Yoweri Museveni followed other poverty alleviation programmes like the Etandikwa, Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Programme [UWEP], Youth Livelihood Programme [YLP], Operation Wealth Creation [OWC] and Emyooga, among others.

Dr Nelson Otim, the PDM master trainer in charge Lango of Sub-region said last Tuesday that many people have lost interest in the new government programme due to interference by some politicians.

“PDM has got a mix of politics that is why there are controversies. The politicians who are supposed to preach a good message about the PDM are instead decampaigning it with claims its implementation has been delayed. This is wrong and we condemn such acts,” Otim said while addressing Kwania district leaders.

However, some politicians who spoke to this reporter refuted the allegation raised against them.

Solomon Okino, Inomo town council LCV councilor, says the allegation is baseless. “Let them speed up the process of PDM because it has been long overdue. We all appreciate the programme and need it.”

Another politician DK Odongo, Alebtong LCV Chairman said, “How can you sabotage a move intended to alleviate poverty? That allegation is not true. However, in my view, I suggest that PDM be withdrawn and pilot studies be done about the same for its effective implementation.”

Emmanuel Duli, the parish chief of Abuli parish in Ayabi Sub-county, Kwania district wants government to expedite the process of operationalising the PDM.

Government has so far disbursed some funds to 9,208 PDM SACCOs across the country. However, the money for some of the parish SACCOs still lies idle in bank accounts just months to the end of the financial year much government earmarked over one Trillion Shillings for the SSACCOs.

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