Over 100 youth in Mbale join UPDF

The UPDF has also recruited 62 applicants in the Sebei Sub-region.

MBALE CITY, July 9, 2024 A total of 107 youth from Mbale district and Mbale City will join the Uganda People’s Defence Forces [ UPDF ] after undergoing a recruitment exercise held at Maluku in Mbale City yesterday. The exercise was part of the Ongoing UPDF’s nationwide recruitment exercise.

Asumin Nasike, Mbale Resident District Commissioner [RDC] and Acting Resident City Commissioner for Mbale City, emphasised her role in overseeing the recruitment process held days ago.

Nasike revealed that 58 youths from Mbale City and 49 from Mbale district are set to undergo training after successful recruitment exercise.

She said there was no any form of corruption during the recruitment process. “The recruitment of UPDF is a free exercise because this is a government institution. We don’t want to see anyone soliciting money from parents to ensure their child is recruited,” she said.

She assured parents and UPDF officers that those who qualify through the process will automatically go for training.

Nasike issued a stern warning against bribery, stating, “We will not entertain anyone who makes parents sell their properties to bribe officers. This is a serious warning to those who wish to involve in such acts.”

Meanwhile, the UPDF has also recruited 62 applicants in the Sebei Sub-region. According to Col. James Barigye Rukundo, Head of Team Seven for Karamoja and Sebei region, 22 successful recruits came from Kapchorwa, 22 from Kween district, and 18 from Bukwo, making a total of 62, including 12 female recruits.

The recruitment exercise was conducted at the Kapchorwa recruitment centre.

Rukundo noted that many shortlisted candidates were disqualified due to medical issues, discrepancies in their academic transcripts, and national identity cards, among other reasons.

He emphasised that the exercise was conducted fairly, based on merit, and the target was achieved. Seven applicants were arrested for possessing fake documents and are being held at Kapchorwa Police Station for further investigation.

The Kween RDC , ASP [Rtd] Hope Atuhaire, and the regional whip for Sebei Sub-region urged the recruits to remain committed and patriotic to complete their training and serve their country, Uganda.

Chebet Evelyne, Kapchorwa District Chairperson, cautioned the recruits against desertion after joining the force. She encouraged applicants who did not qualify not to lose hope, as there are many opportunities available in both the government and private sectors.

The day-long exercise was attended by senior district officials from across the sub-region.

The UPDF team will conduct similar exercises for shortlisted applicants from Sironko district at Sironko district headquarters on Tuesday, and Bulambuli district on Wednesday.

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