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Boosting production: Kole residents advised to form cooperatives

People in other parts of the country have formed cooperatives, and are doing well.

KOLE, July 8, 2024 – Residents of Kole district have been advised to form cooperatives to enhance production, and collective marketing of their agricultural produce.

The Director of Research, Education and Advocacy, at the Inspectorate of Government, James Penywii said people in other parts of the country have formed cooperatives, and are doing well.

“When you people organise yourself in a cooperative, you cannot be cheated,” Penywii said during a Baraza sensitisation meeting organised by the Inspector General of Government [IGG] at Kole district headquarters days ago.

Penywii’s advice followed a concern raised by Denis Alobo, a resident of Kole town council that traders [middlemen] offer low prices for farmers’ agricultural produce.

Alobo said people utilised Parish Development Model [PDM] funds to produce maize but the price has dropped to Shs 400 per kilo from Shs 1,000, yet the farmers bought the seeds expensively.

He said the farmers in the district have no facilities for postharvest handling, such as stores.

He urged Ugandans to join the fight against corruption in the country, saying the bad vice is responsible for the poor service delivery.

He added that combating corruption cannot be left to only a few people but everybody should stand and be counted.

He says Uganda loses about Shs 10 trillion annually to corruption and if this money is to be saved every, parish in the country would receive Shs 1 billion under PDM instead of Shs 100mln.

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