Nebbi taxi park project stalls, developers blamed

NEBBI – Authorities in  Nebbi Municipality have blamed local developers for failing to complete their lock-ups in the new taxi and bus parks.

According to the leaders, the delayed works that were supposed to be completed in six months will now affect the targeted local revenue of over Shs 500 million per year from 500 lock-ups that are still under construction.

According to the deputy town clerk Nebbi, Maliki Drakuma, most of the lock-ups have stalled at the ring-beam and roofing stage, even if the construction agreements were signed last year.

He added that in the agreement signed between the municipal council and developers, the latter were expected to use the lock-ups for a period of 15 years from the date of commissioning, to recover their money and make some profit.

“We planned for the construction of taxi and bus parks along Arua road in Thatha division to pave way for the construction of Nebbi Modern Market within the period of six months such that people’s businesses are not affected, but some developers have abandoned their sites,” Drakuma said.

One of the local developers, Gilbert Oketha whose lockup is yet to be completed, said he stopped the project to pay school fees for his children but also that the prices of building materials have gone up.

“Due to the increment in the cost of building materials, I’m unable to continue with the construction work”, Oketha said.

However, Geoffrey Ngiri-Ker,  the mayor of Nebbi said though the developers were given extra time to raise more funds,  some have shown no signs of commitment to continue with construction. He urged those who are unable to complete their projects to sell them off to developers who can complete them.

Meanwhile, the chairman Nebbi Main Market Vendors’ Association, Jatex Opio said there is limited space to accommodate all vendors in the market that government wants to modernise under Market Trade, Agriculture and Improvement Programme.

Opio urged municipal authorities to ensure the fast construction of the taxi and bus parks so market vendors are relocated there before the contractors hired to develop the market begin their work.

“We need taxi and bus parks to be completed such that people shift their businesses to pave way for the modern market to be constructed,” he said.

However, the Nebbi business community chairman, Richard Oyirwoth said developers are overwhelmed by the different expenditures.

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