Museveni rallies Gomba and Sembabule leaders to preach gospel of wealth creation

He also explained to the leaders that with stable incomes, the people they lead will be able to improve their livelihoods and become prosperous.

ENTEBBE, July 10, 2024 – President Yoweri Museveni has rallied leaders of Gomba and Sembabule to keep on spreading the message of wealth creation among households in districts.

“What you should emphasise is wealth creation in homes because these other things are meant to waste your time and even leaders who take you in politicking are just keeping you in poverty,” he said.

Museveni made the remarks recently while meeting political leaders and elders from Sembabule and Gomba districts at State House Entebbe.

He told the leaders that in the 1960s, he was forced to disagree with some leaders of the Democratic Party [DP] who were suggesting that they should denounce government development programmes after Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] rigged their votes in 1962.

“In the 1960s, I was a member of the DP and UPC stole the elections of 1962, then some leaders told us that we should denounce all government development programmes because UPC had hijacked the government,” he said.

He also explained to the leaders that with stable incomes, the people they lead will be able to improve their livelihoods and become prosperous.

“Now once you have got income, you can put water harvesting in your house because you have the money. Even before the water from the government comes, you have the capacity to have your own water. Even if the electricity has not come, you can have solar power, biogas from cow dung, so seek household incomes first, the rest will be added onto you,” Museveni said. “So please help me with this idea of emphasising wealth creation among households. Once we solve this, other things will come easily.”

He further urged the leaders to sensitise locals on government programs like the Parish Development Model [PDM] to fight poverty.

“With the Parish Development Model, each parish gets Shs 100 million  and we want everybody to get a loan of Shs 1mln. The Shs 1mln can help you to grow coffee on one acre or buy like three goats and start with that. When 100 people do well with the project, they become good examples in the parish and others would copy them the following year. Therefore, the good thing is to start so that others copy you,” he said.

He also warned people to desist from land grabbing. “Land grabbing should not exist. All those who take part should be in prison, we have enough space for them,” he warned.

On his part, The Minister of State for Health [General Duties], Anifah Kawooya lauded Museveni for the meeting and commended him for his wealth creation gospel that has steered development in the two districts of Gomba and Sembabule.

Some of the Political attending the meeting between the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the Political leaders from Sembabule and Gomba districts at the State House Entebbe recently (Courtesy photo).

“Your Excellency, we thank you for the Parish Development Model initiative. It has done wonders in Sembabule. Our people have been able to grow coffee, buy boda bodas and cars because of the PDM program,” she added.

Meanwhile Sembabule District Woman Member of Parliament, Mary Begumisa thanked Museveni for the current peace and development being witnessed in Uganda.

She also thanked President Museveni for the support towards coffee production in Sembabule, revealing that the cash crop has gained high prices and more market thus improving the livelihoods of farmers in the area. “We therefore need a coffee processing plant for value addition,” said Begumisa.

Gomba West Member of Parliament, Robina Rwakoojo appreciated Museveni for his poverty alleviation programmes in Gomba and Sembabule districts, saying they have helped some people to improve their livelihoods.

Geoffrey Kiviiri Geofrey, Gomba District LCV Chairperson requested Museveni to buy land for the landless in the district through the Land Fund.

The meeting was also attended by Lwemiyaga County MP,  Theodore Ssekikubo, Mawogola North MP, Shartsi Musherure, district chairpersons, resident district commissioners, religious leaders, LC3 Chairpersons, NRM leaders, among others.

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