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Museveni commits to end Apaa clashes, blames leaders

OTUKE– President Yoweri Museveni has committed to ending the violent clashes in the Apaa area. The area is claimed by both the Acholi and Madi communities, alongside Uganda Wildlife Authority [UWA], a government agency mandated to manage game parks.

The area measuring over 42 square miles has seen recurrent attacks since 2012. The latest attacks happened on June 2, 3, and 5, 2022, leaving over 200 houses burnt, six people dead, and three critically injured.

Security in the area links the latest attack on June 5, 2022, to an environmental activity organized by the natural resources department of Adjumani district.

While meeting President Museveni in Barlege, in Otuke district on Saturday, the leaders from the region led by MP Anthony Akol, demanded immediate intervention so that the attacks are stopped, and that a judiciary commission of inquiry is established.

In a Thursday interview with our reporter, Akol alleged Museveni does not have the political will to end the clashes in Apaa, which he said have turned tribal as the Acholi and Madi communities contest to own the land.

Museveni in his response to the demands by the leaders admitted being overtaken by other assignments, despite already listing proposed names of the people to form the judiciary commission of inquiry.

The Head of State promised to give priority to solving the continuous attacks in the area. He however blamed the leaders for failing to agree on the matter, saying they are instead fueling the clashes through the comments they make while talking to the people.

Last Thursday, a delegation comprising eight members of parliament from the Acholi sub-region were blocked by security manning a checkpoint at the border between Amuru and Adjumani. The MPs wanted to visit the victims of the latest attacks in the Apaa areas of Paka-paka and Oyanga, among others.

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