Minimising environmental disasters: Kasese farmers urged to embrace good farming methods

KASESE, November 14, 2023 – Farmers in Kasese district have been urged to practice good farming methods like terracing to minimise the occurrence of disasters like landslides and soil erosion.

For several years, Kasese district has been experiencing floods and landslides which have always washed away crops and left many displaced and several dead.

According to the Kasese District Senior Agricultural Officer, Johnson Mwesigye Sabuni, poor farming practices are among the big contributors to floods and landslides in the district at the foot of Mt.Rwenzori.

“Kasese district itself has a hilly terrain but still farmers go ahead to cut down trees to grow crops. This is a double tragedy because they first cut trees and also continue to practice poor farming methods instead of at least doing terracing to reduce on the disaster challenges,” Sabuni said.

Sabuni said they are going to mandate all farmers dig terraces on their farms and will be closely monitored by village chairmen,  adding that this will help fight soil erosion and landslides, but also keep the fertility of the land intact.

He said once the practice is embraced, food production will be guaranteed.

The Senior Agricultural Business Officer for Mubuku Integrated Farmers, Abdul Mugisha encouraged farmers to embrace crop diversification as they utilise Mubuku Irrigation Scheme, saying it helps to reduce financial risks associated with unfavorable weather or market shocks.

“I encourage farmers to not only grow rice and maize but also grow fruit trees and get involved in vegetable production. It is a desire that you produce vegetables on a large scale since there is market,” Mugisha said.

The Kasese Municipal Secretary for Social Services, Herbert Bwambale appealed to government to expedite the process of constructing factories in the Kasese Industrial Park in order to create market for the local produce.

He advised the farmers to collaborate with extension officers in the district to identify quality seeds, saying they will give them better yields in return.

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture through National Agricultural Research Organisation [NARO], handed over the established horticulture structure, greenhouse and nursery beds to farmers in Mubuku II Irrigation Scheme.

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