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Masindi LCV halts Emyooga funds pay-out to Bujenje youth leaders’ SACCO

Cosmas Byaruhanga, the Masindi district LCV Chairperson, has instructed the district’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to halt the transaction of Emyooga funds worth Shs30 m to   Bujenje Constituency Youth Leaders’ Emyooga SACCO.

This follows a petition to his office which indicated that the SACCO in question was comprised of non-youth leaders, leaving out the genuine youth leaders who are supposed to benefit from the program.

“I found it necessary for your office to first scrutinize the issue raised. The SACCO doesn’t include youths’ age members. This matter should be settled before proceeding with the transactions,” Byaruhanga indicated in a letter dated March 3, 2021, to the CAO.

According to the petition dated March, 1st, 2021, and signed by Moreen Ahura the Youth Chairperson, Kabango Town council, the youth leaders petitioned different authorities seeking their intervention in the matter after realizing that most of them had been left out and yet they’re the alleged beneficiaries of the initiative under this particular SACCO.

The petition, which was copied to the RDC’s office, the District Community Development Officer (CDO), and the District Commercial Officer, among others, states that the people purporting to be members of Bujenje Constituency Youth Leaders’ Emyooga SACCO are above 40 years of age, and the associations that constitute the SACCO do not include any youths as members.

Masindi district Youth Councillor, Joseph Wamani Ogaino, confirmed that the composition of the SACCO’s membership had been contested.

“The same matter was also raised by the youth leaders of Masindi municipality. It is also under scrutiny,” Wamani said.

Wamani, who doubles as the Chairperson of the Production and Trade Committee also wrote to the Commercial Officer, Moses Kalyegira, asking him not to permit the transactions of Bujenje Constituency Youth Leaders Emyooga SACCO until its true membership is established.

Moreen Ahura, the chief petitioner, found further fault with the said Bujenje Constituency Youth Leaders’ Emyooga SACCO.

“All the 22 associations that constitute this SACCO were generated from greater Bwijanga Sub-county, leaving out Budongo sub-county, and yet the program is supposed to benefit the entire county,” she explained.

The youth form one of the categories that is supposed to benefit from Emyooga, a presidential initiative that aims to identify specialized-enterprise groups to be directly funded by the government to boost their production capacity.

Efforts to get a comment from Silver Monday, the Chairperson of Bujenje Constituency Youth Leaders’ Emyooga SACCO, were futile as his known telephone number was off.

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