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Local Govt PS urges LCs to embrace SACCOs

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government, Ben Kumumanya, has challenged LC I and LC II Chairpersons in the Bunyoro sub-region to join Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOs) to improve their livelihoods.

He made the remarks on Thursday while launching the distribution of official government stamps to LC I and LC II chairpersons in the Bunyoro region in an event that took place at Hoima Oil City headquarters.

Kumumanya’s call came after the village and parish chairpersons demanded that government start paying them a salary.

Speaking on behalf of the local leaders, Fred Kabariimu, LC II Chairperson of Hoima East division’s Northern Ward of observed that the Shs 100,000 allowance they receive each year is too little and not commensurate to the amount of work they do.

“We work 24 hours and meet a lot of challenges. Most of us have no means of transportation; how do you expect us to deliver? We are requesting the government to start paying us Shs100,000 per month,” Kabarimu demanded.

In his response, Kumumanya said that the ministry, with the help of the local government, wants to analyze the issues facing local council leaders and find a way of supporting them.

However, he advised that they should join SACCOs to benefit from different government projects like Operation Wealth Creation and Emyooga as the ministry devises a way to help them.

“Rather than focus on this small allowance, you can join SACCOs and other groups which will help you to engage in commercial productivity and enable you to earn big,” he advised.

However, Andrew Mutegeki the LC I Chairman, Kibingo lower cell in Hoima west division and a member of Kibingo Ward Local Leader’s SACCO insisted that their membership in SACCOs does not absolve the government of the duty of addressing their remuneration challenges.

Kisembo Samuel, the Hoima City Resident Commissioner said that cooperatives are a government priority geared at helping people to improve on their incomes.

“When people come together, it becomes easy for them to find a market, increases their bargaining power, and gives members access to loans,” Kisembo said.

Kumumanya said President Museveni initiated the idea of making official government stamps in order to improve on security, curb impersonation and reduce fraudulent transactions related to government offices.

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