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Masaba Cooperative Union farmers petition Registrar over Embezzlement of Union Funds

A section of farmers who subscribe to Masaba Cooperative Union (MCU) a cotton farmers’ union based in Bugisu Subregion have petitioned the Registrar of cooperatives over what they termed as abuse of office and embezzlement of the Union Funds and Assets.

Members from primary societies like Lwakhakha, Makhayi, Bunangabo, Mafudu, and Bichopi among many others accuse the current board of mismanaging the Union that has led the union losing assets worth billions of shillings like the 1,000 acres of land in Bunambutye – Bulambuli, Lukhonge and Bugema Ginnery and prime land in the border town of Lwakhakha.

They also accuse the Bwayo led board for failing to account for money received from the government as compensation which is assumed to be between 2 billion to 11 billion shillings.

Led by Moses Wambogo are now asking the Registrar of Cooperatives in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives to constitute an audit into the affairs of Masaba Cooperative Union (MCU) and also cause an Annual General Meeting within the shortest time possible on grounds that Bwayo board has failed to organize the AGM and continue selling the union assets.

However, Eddy Bwayo Wakholowa the current Chairman of Masaba Cooperative Union (MCU) when contacted by our reporter in his office located in Mbale Town along Republic Street refuted reports that his leadership has failed to hold AGMs on ground that their last AGM was in 2016 and their term of office just expired in December 2018 and they are in preparations for this year’s Annual General Meeting and they are still within time because they have an allowance of months after the expiry of the term of office.

Bwayo also refuted claims that the Union received 13 billion shillings as compensation from the government but revealed that accountability of the incomes and expenditures of the Union will be provided in the fourth coming AGM.

Bwayo Finally urged Famer members to stay calm as the leadership promises to conduct an Annual General meeting within one month.

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