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Kwania SACCO, NGO sign MoU to promote sorghum growing

KWANIA, JANUARY 10, 2024 – Members of Aderolongo SACCO in Akali Sub-county, Kwania district have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] with Feed the Universe Urgency Uganda, a non-governmental organisation promoting sorghum growing in Acholi and Lango sub-regions.

The MoU seeks to enhance the capacity of the SACCO members and contribute to an enabling business environment through access to finance, and linking farmers to produce markets.

Mike Ngura Okello, the Coordinator Feed the Universe Urgency Uganda in charge of Kwania appended his signature on behalf of the organisation while Francis Odur, Aderolongo SACCO Chairperson signed the MoU on behalf of the SACCO at Akali Sub-county headquarters.

Ngura said: “The end goal of this agreement [MoU] is to provide the livelihoods and income to the SACCO members. The Chromatin hybrid sorghum which takes 105 days from planting to harvest is aimed at addressing the food shortage.”

He encouraged the farmers to embrace the new sorghum variety in order to fight famine and improve on their household’s income.

“I encourage you to embrace this new sorghum variety in order to fight famine and improve on your household’s income,” he said while addressing the SACCO members during an engagement meeting held on Monday at Telela PAG Church in Akali Sub-county.

Chromatin hybrid sorghum seed

Chromatin hybrid sorghum is the new sorghum variety produced by Chromatin INC; an agricultural technology company based in Chicago. It provides natural resistance to sun shine and pests with quality yield according to the seed producers.

The growing of the new sorghum variety which takes 105 days to mature is being supported by Feed the Universe Urgency Uganda to address the food shortage in Northern Uganda.

Odur welcomed the formal partnership with Feed the Universe Urgency Uganda and articulated his keenness in continued collaboration.

“This SACCO which was formed in 2012 with 225 members has been depending on maize, soya beans and sunflower production. Growing sorghum will go a long way to boost member’s savings and I want to affirm my commitment in working with you,” he said.

New improved sorghum variety excites SACCO members

Members of Aderolongo SACCO who spoke to this reporter welcomed with excitement the new improved sorghum variety.

Solomon Odur, a resident of Telela East and a member of the SACCO said the project is timely, appealing for early delivery of the seeds for early planting.

Another SACCO member Susan Odongo said, “This project has come at the right time. This new sorghum variety is very good. I have seen from the demonstration garden. Its our prayer that the seed be delivered in time and the prices be attractive as signed in the MOU.”

According to the copy of the MoU seen by this website, a kilogramme of the Chromatin hybrid sorghum which is highly demanded by brewers will be bought at Shs 1,500 at the farm gate.

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