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BCU releases Shs 200mln for sponsored students in tertiary institutions

MBALE, January 10, 2024 - Bugisu Cooperative Union [BCU] has released about Shs 200 million under its bursary programme benefiting 275 students from Bugisu Sub-region who are pursuing higher education at different academic institutions in Uganda.

According to BCU Chairman, Nathan Nandala-Mafabi, BCU's bursary programme assists children of coffee farmers who have contributed significantly to the Union’s success by delivering 2,500 kilogrammes of coffee as a store. Farmers who deliver 300kgs are also eligible to benefit from the education programme.

According to Nandala, the initiative has been an annual tradition for BCU, ensuring that deserving students have the opportunity to pursue their academic aspirations. Over time, BCU has supported 50,000 children of coffee farmers to access quality tertiary education.

According to BCU officials, this is done under the fifth principle of cooperatives which is; education, training, and information where children, cooperative members, managers, directors, trustees are supported to get knowledge and training in different fields of academia.

Wasagali Barbra, the General Manager of BCU said the bursary programme is a testament to the Union’s commitment to empowering the next generation of Ugandans and promoting education as a means of achieving sustainable development.

She said all institutions that enrolled BCU-sponsored students were cleared.

Difasi Wangalwa, one of the beneficiaries, expressed his gratitude to the Union for their support, emphasising the timeliness of the assistance as he was preparing for examinations.

BCU members come from the districts of Mbale, Manafwa, Bududa, Bulambuli, Sironko, Namisindwa and Mbale City. They form  Bugisu Sub-region known for growing Arabica coffee.

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