Kikuube councilors reject plan to give free land to judiciary

KIKUUBE-The Kikuube district executive  [DEC] and councilors have disagreed over a proposal to offer free land measuring two acres to the judiciary for the establishment of a prison, directorate of public prosecutions [DPP] office, and magistrate court in Kabwoya Sub-county.

The disagreement arose on Friday during council meeting chaired by the district speaker Chris Nkalu, where most councilors disapproved of the project, leaving DEC members embarrassed.

DEC, led by Peter Banura, the district LCV chairman had argued that the facilities if established on the would-be free land, would serve the district better.

However, a committee of five councilors was sent to get the locals’ views on the said land and reported back that the residents were against DEC’s proposal, instead asking for the establishment of a health centre and school on the said land.

According to Banura, the judiciary has the money to construct the facilities and should be allowed to set up the project.

“I stand here with a lot of pain and it is unfortunate that my fellow leaders can make such a decision. I want to tell you that whatever was being done was in good faith. We were approached by officials from the judiciary and Kabwoya was identified as a suitable place for the construction of the facilities,” Banura said.

Commenting on the matter, Amlan Tumusiime the Kikuube district resident commissioner advised the councilors to work together, saying that the district needs the facilities aimed at bringing services nearer to the people.

He appealed to the councilors to go back and sensitise the community and local leaders so that they embrace the project.

Francis Kazini, the Buhaguzi County Member of Parliament said the mistrust between the councilors and DEC members was to blame, urging them to resolve the matter amicably.

He said that rejecting the project is not a good idea as people from the district have to move to Masindi and Hoima districts, seeking similar services.

However, Alex Byesi, district councilor for Kabwoya Upper Sub-county, and Judith Barung, the councilor for the disabled in Kikuube district said the locals’ views should be respected.

Byesi said Kabwoya Sub-county has already made plans to construct their town council office on the said piece of land.

He added that district leaders initially denied Kabwoya Sub-county a chance to host the district headquarters as they opted for Kiziranfumbi town council where the headquarters now stand.

During the voting, five DEC members and one councilor supported the project while 10 councilors rejected it, and five councilors abstained.

District speaker Nkalu advised that the district can get land in another place to implement the project.

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