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IFFCO to convene ICA Global Conference and General Assembly in New Delhi

NEW DELHI, April 19, 2024 – The International Cooperative Alliance [ICA] days ago revealed that the Indian Farmers’ Fertilizer Cooperative [IFFCO] would host the prestigious ICA Global Conference and General Assembly later this year.

Confirming the news, Santosh Shukla, Cooperative Relation Officer at IFFCO, stated that a team from the ICA would visit the headquarters later this month to formalize the arrangements by signing a Memorandum of Understanding [MoU].

The Conference, scheduled to take place from November 25-30, 2024, will bring together cooperatives from around the globe for a series of events and discussions. Key highlights of the conference include the launch of the UN International Year of Cooperatives [IYC], an International Exposition of Cooperatives, and various thematic meetings focusing on cooperation among cooperatives in the 21st century.

With preparations already underway, Bharat Mandapam has been reserved as the venue for the global event, which is expected to attract over 1000 foreign delegates from approximately 100 countries.

Shukla emphasized that IFFCO is actively collaborating with its 12 fellow ICA members from India to ensure the success of the event. A dedicated committee, comprising representatives from each member cooperative, is being formed to oversee the coordination efforts.

The General Assembly, considered the highest authority of the ICA, will convene during the conference, with representatives appointed by full member organisations participating in crucial decision-making processes. The official meeting documentation, including the agenda and voting procedures, will be disseminated to all members well in advance.

Savitri Singh, Deputy Chief Executive of the National Cooperative Union of India [NCUI], was among the active participants in a recent virtual meeting convened by the Director-General of the ICA.

The agenda of the meeting covered a range of topics, including workforce development, collaboration interests, and upcoming events at the Asia-Pacific office in April.

The ICA Global Conference and General Assembly promise to be landmark events, showcasing the importance of cooperation among cooperatives in addressing contemporary challenges and fostering sustainable development.

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