Gov’t signs historic charter with RUFORUM

KAMPALA, September 12, 2023 – In a momentous development for the agricultural sector in Uganda, the Government of Uganda recently signed the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture [ RUFORUM ] Charter. This historic event marks a significant commitment to advancing agricultural education, research, and innovation in the country.

RUFORUM, a consortium of 163 universities across 40 African countries, has been at the forefront of fostering higher education and research in agriculture. The formal signing of the charter solidifies Uganda’s dedication to enhancing its agricultural capabilities and promoting sustainable food security.

Representatives from RUFORUM and leaders from the Ministry of Education and Sports attended the ceremony, held at the ministry’s headquarters in Kampala.

The Minister of State for Higher Education Dr John Chrysostom Muyingo, presided over the signing ceremony, stating, “This is a momentous occasion for Uganda. The signing of the RUFORUM Charter reflects our commitment to transforming agriculture into a vibrant, innovative, and knowledge-driven sector.”

The minister commended RUFORUM for championing agricultural research and innovation in Africa and for linking universities and TVET institutions.

The RUFORUM executive secretary, Prof. Patrick Okori, expressed gratitude for Uganda’s commitment to higher agricultural and tertiary education, stating, “This is a remarkable step forward for Uganda and for RUFORUM. We look forward to a fruitful partnership that will contribute to agricultural transformation in the region.”

“The signing of the charter is important because it holds immense significance as it reaffirms Uganda’s commitment to fostering pan-African cooperation in higher and tertiary agricultural education.”

Further, officials said the signing of the RUFORUM Charter underscores Uganda governments’ dedication to working with international organisations and partners and creates opportunities for increased support, knowledge sharing, and collaboration in the realm of agriculture and related science disciplines and higher education.

“The signing of the RUFORUM Charter represents a significant milestone in Uganda’s journey towards agricultural excellence. By collaborating with RUFORUM, the government aims to harness the potential of its youth and academic institutions to drive agricultural innovation and sustainable development.”

RUFORUM works to strengthen the capacities of universities to foster innovations responsive to demands of smallholder farmers through the training of high quality researchers, the output of impact oriented research, and the maintenance of collaborative working relations among researchers, farmers, national agricultural research institutions.

In 2014, RUFORUM signed a memorandum of understanding with the African Union Commission to support implementation of the Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa [STISA 2024] Priority One on reducing poverty and ensuring food and nutrition security.

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