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Emyooga transforming lives of PWDs in Kwania district

KWANIA-The Presidential initiative on job and wealth creation, commonly known as Emyooga is positively changing the lives of the people with disabilities [PWDs] in Kwania district.

Emyooga programme was introduced to offer seed capital to Sacco groups across the country. And disbursed Shs 1.2 billion to 36 Emyooga Saccos and 476 associations in Kwania district. Each of the groups comprising a minimum of 30 members received Shs 30 mln seed capital.

The programme was intended to support 18 clusters including restaurant owners, boda-boda riders, women entrepreneurs, carpenters, saloon operators, journalists, People with disabilities, fishermen, mechanics, performing artists, welders and taxi operators among others.

Alex Ageta is a resident of Ikwera ward in Aduku town council and a member of Kwania Persons with Disability Sacco. He borrowed Shs1.5mln from the scheme to start piggery and goat projects.

“At the beginning, I borrowed Shs 1.5mln and started a small piggery project. From piggery, I eventually extended to goats rearing and I am now able to send my children to school and take care of my family,” Ageta the visually impaired told theCooperator in an interview on Sunday.

Marry Atowang, a member of Momot-atwero Persons with Disability Sacco in Inomo Sub-county says she got Shs 2mln. She invested part of her money in a small business and she used the rest to boost production on her farm.

“I am paying my grandchildren at school from the money I borrowed from Emyooga. The Shs 2mln I borrowed has indeed changed my life. I am able to run my small business and manage my small farm in the village,” she said.

Another beneficiary Lawrence Acobi, the chairperson Inomo Persons with Disability Sacco says life is never been the same since he got Emyooga cash. Acobi, who has built a residential house with five rooms thanked the government for coming up with the poverty alleviation strategy.

“I want to thank the NRM government under the stewardship of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa for initiating Emyooga. The programme has worked out for us. I can confidently say our livelihoods are rapidly improving,” he said.

“From the onset, many people thought Emyooga was a political reward but we are doing fairly well because the programme is helping us to kick poverty out of our households. Beneficiaries of this project need mindset change to have an impact,” he added.

With 224 members and eight associations, Kwania Disability Savings and Credit Cooperative was named the best performing Saccos in the district.

However, Catharine Akello, the Kwania District Principal Commercial Officer says out of the 36 Saccos in the district, six Saccos have disappeared with the Emyooga cash after failing to service their loans.

“Emyooga is generally doing well in Kwania. It is only six Saccos out of the 36 Saccos that have failed to effectively service their loans. The boda-boda riders and local leaders’ Saccos are on the run but we are following up on them with the RDC’s office,” Akello said.

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