Construction of classroom blocks begins in four Kumi schools

KUMI-Authorities in Kumi district have launched the construction of classroom blocks in four government-aided primary schools that are overwhelmed by a high number of pupils.

The primary schools to benefit include Oseera, Kadami, and Olimai. Each of the classroom blocks will cost Shs 71.2 million. The construction project is expected to reduce the current congestion of pupils in classrooms.

On the other hand, Kapokina Primary School will construct a teachers’ house at Shs 129.2mln. Teachers walking long distances to come and teach will be accommodated within the school when the house is completed.

The Kumi resident district commissioner, Ahamada Washaki who officiated at the launch function warned the contractor against any form of shoddy work .

Washaki warned contractors against breaching contracts by delaying the handover of the projects.

He warned that any breach of contract terms and conditions may lead to penalties like fines or even termination of the contracts with costs.

“If you [contractor] know you have no capacity to do the job, then resign right now. Otherwise, this tendency of taking over many tenders and you delay the work will not be allowed. Most of the contractors are good at abandoning sites,” Washaki said.

Washaki who is also the chief monitor of government programmes in the district said the projects should be completed within the stipulated time.

He asked the contractor to follow bills of quantities and asked the stakeholders to do their respective roles in implementing the projects.

He said the contractors must only be paid after producing quality work.

The Kumi District LC5 Chairman, Nelson Elungat Lakol thanked government for the decision to construct the classroom blocks, saying pupils will provide a conducive learning environment.

He said the schools were in a bad state and needed rehabilitation.

He however appealed to the community to work hand in hand with the contractor to produce standard work.

He asked the contractor to hire members of the surrounding community so that they can as well benefit from the projects.

Sarah Adong, the Kumi district education officer said lack of enough classrooms in the district is a big challenge given the overwhelming numbers of pupils.

She revealed that in lower primary, the pupil-classroom ratio is 120 children while for upper primary it stands at 80 pupils. The ideal ratio is 55 pupils per classroom.

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