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Bugisu coffee dealers trained on quality standards

MBALE, September 11, 2023 - The Uganda Quality Coffee Traders’ and Processors Association [UQCTPA] has trained coffee dealers in Bugisu Sub-region to enable them to increase productivity.

UQCTPA brings together over 3,000 coffee traders across the country. It is a membership-based organisation with the aim of uplifting the quality of Uganda's coffee and providing support to coffee traders and processors to maintain sustainable businesses.

The UQCTPA spokesperson, Samuel Yiga Muwonge while speaking at the training days ago advised coffee dealers and farmers to maintain standards if they are to deliver high quality coffee to the market and earn good profits.

He said the main objective of the association is to ensure quality across the coffee value chain so that Uganda's coffee competes favourably on international market.

"We have been training and encouraging our members in Mbale office to register and become full members and see that they benefit from our SACCO as the quality of their coffee improves," Muwonge said.

He said both coffee traders and farmers  must maintain the quality standards set by Uganda Coffee Development Authority [UCDA], a government agency that regulates the coffee sub-sector in the country.

Mafabi Yovani, chairman of Elgon Region Quality Coffee Thacker’s and Processors Association commended UQCTPA for the training, saying coffee farmers and dealers will use the knowledge gained to achieve the quality standards demanded by the market.

He encouraged coffee farmers and dealers in Bugisu Sub-region to join UQCTPA, saying it offers many benefits such as equipment and funds to improve the coffee quality and business.

"As traders, we need to have quality coffee if we are to get a good market. So, we advise dealers to stop buying coffee that does not meet quality standards," he said.

George Musika, a coffee trader from Mbale district said they were able to achieve unity in the coffee value chain. “Working together and having one voice will lead us to success,” he said.

Samson Kutosi, a coffee trader from Manafwa district urged farmers and dealers to train members of their families, including children on quality standards as one way of maintaining the coffee business for generations.

Mansa Asadi, another coffee trader noted Arabica coffee which is grown in Bugisu Sub-region in eastern Uganda is the best in the whole world. “I appeal to farmers to clean their coffee. They shouldn't wait to be taught because they know what to do,” he added.

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