Aduku Subcounty leaders get bicycles for PDM monitoring

KWANIA, June 6, 2024 – At least 18 local Council III councillors of Aduku Subcounty in Kwania district have received bicycles to monitor the implementation of the Parish Development Model [PDM].

The bicycles procured at a total cost of Shs 7.1 million under local revenue were delivered by Hero Bicycles Uganda Limited over the weekend.

Joyce Oroma, Aduku Subcounty Chief said the bicycles were given to the councilors to sensitise communities about the government programmes, especially the PDM.

“We identified gaps in the first phase of the implementation of PDM. That’s why we thought it wise to give out bikes to the Parish councilors to help them sensitize communities on PDM implementation and other government programmes, “she said.

Jacob Amwata, Apire Parish Male Councillor commended the Subcounty for the support.

Another councilor James Alele Lubega of Aboko parish, one of the beneficiaries appreciated the Subcounty authorities, saying the bicycles will ease his work.

“I can now ride to those places to monitor government programmes,” he said.

Catharine Akello, Kwania district Principal Commercial Officer said, “I want to commend leaders of Aduku Sub County for the wise vision. You know with PDM the main challenge is monitoring because government has put very little money for monitoring so giving out bicycles to the councilors is a good gestures,” she said, adding that the district has already received money for phase II awaiting disbursements to the PDM 49 SACCOs.

The PDM is a government initiative launched in February 2022, to uplift 3.5mln households in Uganda from the subsistence economy to the money economy, with the parish being the epicentre of all the programme’s activities.

Under the programme, each of the beneficiaries through their PDM SACCOs receives Shs 1mln from government to invest in enterprises such as coffee, fruits, bananas, grains, dairy farming, piggery, fish farming, poultry keeping, and beekeeping among others.

Approved budget for FY 2024/2025

The development came few days after the councillors approved a sum of Shs 96mln to implement different activities in the Subcounty in the financial year 2024/2025.

According to the approved budget, administration took Shs 16mln, finance Shs 40mln, works and technical services Shs 21mln, education, health and community Shs 6mln, council Shs 10mln. Meanwhile Shs1.5mln was allocated under production and marketing.

According to the budget document, Aduku Subcounty project to raise Shs 26mln under local revenue, unconditional grant Shs 31mln, discretionary development equalisation grant (DDEG) Shs 29mln and Uganda Road Fund Shs 8mln totaling to a sum of Shs 96mln budget estimate for the subsequent financial year that kicks off on July 1, 2024.

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