Youth Called Upon to Emulate Musaazi and form Cooperatives

Rev. Canon Benon Kityo of Namirembe Diocese has called on the young people to emulate the late Ignatius Kangave Musaazi, who is celebrated as a nationalist and patriot for fostering the development of cooperatives and pushing for independence in Uganda.

Rev. Canon Benon Kityo was speaking at the thanksgiving prayers held at St Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe to kick start the Ignatius Musaazi memorial week.

He described the late Musaazi as a hero whose legacy still lives with us from which, the youth should take lessons.

“We thank God for Musaazi, even if he died, he is still with us, his legacy lives among us. Ignatius had a vision, he might not have achieved all that he dreamt of, but he was a visionary. So as we gather here to remember him, as a youth, you also do something to change the world,” Rev. Kityo advised.

Speaking as Chief Guest on behalf of Charles Peter Mayiiga, the Katikiiro of Buganda, Henry Sekabembe Kiberu, the Minister for Youth in the kingdom of Buganda, said Musaazi served above self to better the lives of others.

“This man is an inspiration to all of us, especially the youth of this country. He is a genuine patriot and nationalist. If we are to have IK Musaazi of our generation, we need to inculcate values in our young people. I appeal to the youth in this country to pick lessons from the late patriot.”

Among other things, Ignatius Kangave Musaazi, together with Abubaker Kakyaama Mayanja formed Uganda National Congress that agitated for Uganda’s independence. He also organised farmers and workers against colonial exploitation.

Usher Wilson Owere, chairman worker’s union which was started by the late Musaazi called on the government to develop strategies to revive co-operatives as a way of engaging the youth.

Joyce Namuli from Youth Association for Rural Farmers said there is a need to engage, organise and encourage the youth to form cooperatives as a vehicle to building wealth among young people.

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