Use social media to charm international tourists, local tour operators told

GULU-Tour operators in northern Uganda have been urged to use social media to market the region’s tourism products globally.

Northern Uganda boasts of several historical sites including Fort Patiko in Gulu district, Guru guru caves in Amuru, among other naturally gifted sites including the Amuru Hot Springs, Aruu Falls, and Murchison Falls National Game Park among others.

Acholi`s traditional dishes and dances have also been globally lauded for being one of the best in Africa and probably around the world.

Arnold Kamugisha, a digital marketer, says tourism sector players in the region should use social media to promote its unique food, culture, and natural geographical features.

Kamugisha says that are numerous social media platforms including Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among others that sector players can use to share interesting materials including preparing local dishes, dances, and sites among others.

According to Kamugisha, unless the region is exposed and promoted nationally, regionally, and internationally, tourists will not be able to notice and take interest in visiting the region.

Charity Alaba, the reigning Miss Tourism Northern Uganda urged tour operators in northern Uganda to use social media in marketing products, arguing that their counterparts from other regions of Uganda are hooking international tourists through online platforms.

Tourists enjoying Amuru Hot Springs in Amuru district (Photo by Michael Ojok).

Alaba says that documentaries, shot video clips, and write-ups on the region’s culture and heritage would create a great impact in attracting tourists from abroad and within Uganda.

Phillip Adonga, who works with Loremi Tours, says they have embraced digital marketing by creating a website, including a booking and online payment portal through which they get clients from across the globe.

Adonga says that whereas social media is a great tool for marketing, it needs professionalism. “We need to use professionals in social media marketing in order to create the impact and awareness we need,” Adonga.

Dr. Stonewall Kato, the Chairperson Acholi Tourism Association welcomed the idea of using social media to market the region’s tourism potential, although he called for training of those to market tourism products on the online platforms.

According to Kato, since the youths are more into social media, they should be trained to tap into digital marketing in the tourism sector.

“We need to see the youths who are digitally proactive to be at the helm of the marketing the tourism sector but guided by us, the elders in order to create the much-needed shift in tourism marketing,” Kato said.

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