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UPDF, Lira City Council to clean major market monthly

LIRA City, February 6, 2024 – The Uganda People’s Defence Forces [UPDF] 5th Infantry Division, and Lira City Council have agreed to carry out general cleanliness in Lira Main Market every month.

This was revealed by Brig Gen. Keith Katungi, the 5th Infantry Division Commander at Lira City Mayor’s Garden after two days of cleaning major public places and roads in the city ahead of the Teresita celebrations to be held IN Busoga Sub-region on February 6, 2024.

The major roads and public places that were cleaned include Juba Road along Jinja Camp to Odomit Road, Uhuru Bar, Lira Bus and Taxi Park, Lira Regional Referral Hospital, and Lira Main Market. This is part of the corporate social responsibility that UPDF renders to the community.

Katungi assured Lira City leaders that they will be available every month to join in cleaning Lira Main Market.

“We have a mission during peace and war times. During peacetime when we are not in training, we join the people to change livelihoods, what is very good today to celebrate is that our city leadership has said general cleanliness must continue. So I have said before you that the forces are here, we shall be joining the monthly cleaning of the main market,” Katungi assured.

He further said that the monthly cleaning of the market will boost cleanness in the city. “So, if it can be our culture, this city will be clean,” he said.

Sam Atul, the Lira City Mayor applauded the UPDF for cleaning the market, saying the community should be able to emulate the soldiers.

Atul said locals can only embrace the culture of keeping the environment clean when they realise that authorities demand so.

“We believe that what is done today by UPDF is to help us take home the message of keeping Lira City clean. We have agreed that we shall clean the market on a monthly basis because this doesn’t need any resources,” Atul said.

Atul however called upon the city dwellers, businesses, and other institutions to have garbage bins, saying this will help to keep the city clean.

“Every sector and body that generate garbage must have its own garbage bin to help keep their surroundings clean,” said Atul.

He further said that the waste management in Lira City is fair in terms of disposal since the User Pay System was introduced where a garbage generator pays before his garbage is transported to Aler Compost Site.

Meanwhile, Daniel Ogwal Engweddo, the Lira Main Market Vice Chairperson said Lira City Council needs to be assisted as far as cleanliness is concerned.

Ogwal said if UPDF joins hands in cleaning the market, then the vendors and the rest of the city dwellers will work hard to ensure their surroundings are dirty-free.

Constructed under Markets and Agricultural Trade Improvement Programme [MATIP], Lira Main Market was officially opened in February 2015 by President Yoweri Museveni. It accommodates over 500 vendors dealing in various items such foodstuffs, clothes, footwear, and cosmetics, among others.

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