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Teso youth appeal for more information on Emyooga

While other youth in their groups across the country have already started reaping from the Presidential Initiative on Wealth and Job Creation (Emyooga), several youth in Teso region are still ignorant about is the programme.

Moses Omoding, a bodaboda rider and resident of Akoboi village in Olio Sub County in Serere district, when asked by theCooperator about Emyooga said he had no knowledge of it, despite the fact that bodaboda riders are among its target beneficiaries.

The other enterprises targeted under Emyooga include women entrepreneurs, welders, taxi operators, fishermen, restaurant operators, mechanics, veterans, produce dealers, market, tailors, persons with disabilities (PWD’s)youth leaders, salons, performing artists, journalists and elected leaders.

“I am just hearing about that program from you. No one has ever told us about it; we are totally green,” Omoding said.

He appealed to the government to sensitize the youth, especially those in Serere district, about Emyooga if they are to take advantage of it to improve their livelihoods.

Christine Adeke, another youth and a resident of Adoku village in Olio Sub County in Serere district, said she once heard Serere Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Geoffrey Okiswa talk about the programme on radio but did not understand how groups can benefit from it.

“We need proper information about that program otherwise most youth in Serere and Teso at large are not aware about Emyooga program,” she said.

Denis Omagor another youth from Asuret Sub County in Soroti district said they formed and registered groups six months back but are yet to see any money under Emyooga.

“To me I think there is something wrong either from the people who are supposed to guide the youth on how to become members of Emyooga or the youth themselves because honestly we don’t have clear information about the Emyooga,” he said.

When contacted for comment, RDC Okiswa insisted that his office has been sensitizing the youth about Emyooga and wondered some still claim to know nothing about the presidential initiative.

Emyooga is the latest among presidential initiatives aimed at fighting poverty by supporting entrepreneurs involved in micro and small enterprises.

According to the Emyooga policies, the enterprises are required to register at parish level and form associations. The registered associations are then forwarded to the constituency for the formation of respective SACCOs through which members can then access the funds.

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