Start church bank, bishop tells Christians

Egessa Hajusu

Church of Uganda Christians in Bukedi diocese have been encouraged to join fellow brethren county wide to start saving money to enable the church start its own Bank.

Bishop Samuel Egesa of Bukedi diocese said the Christians should start saving through the kingdom development organisation (KIDO) put in place by Church of Uganda (COU).

Egesa said savings from ten million followers of church of Uganda will make the church strong enough to run and fund its development programmes.

Savings will help the church finance its ongoing projects like health facilities, schools among others to generate more money which will result into forming of the church of Uganda’s Bank.

Church of Uganda last year launched the KIDO mobile money saving system, through which Christians are encouraged to save at least shillings 500 daily.

This will empower the church to execute its development activities without appealing to Christians all the time to contribute money which they might not have.

He asked the laity to work hard by engaging in viable economic activities to contribute to the development of the country.

The bishop consequently asked the priest not to always keep the followers in church noting this will reduce their time of working to improve their house hold incomes.

He thanked Christian for contributing generously towards the construction of the church house.

Bukedi diocese is comprised of seven district including Busia, Budaka, Butaleja, Butebo, Kibuku, Palisades and Tororo.

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