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Soroti Farmers Urged To Embrace Irrigation

SOROTI – Farmers in Soroti district have been advised to utilize the rains that have returned to cover up what was lost last season.

According to Enyaku James Michael, the Soroti District Production Officer, he said farmers should hid to timely planting so that they can harvest better yields.

Farmers have been reminded to plant crops that grow faster like vegetables, potatoes, etc. to avoid disappointment.

“Farmers should not loose hope for there is still time and should take advantage of this early rains,” Enyaku said.

Meanwhile, the Soroti District Communications Officer, Ekwaru Abraham has appealed to the government to enhance the capacity of farmers to produce more through irrigation schemes.

“For now, I think one of the greatest things we should do is to embrace irrigation systems of agriculture where by we do farming in a modern way,” Ekwaru said.

He said that if farmers were to assume that there were no rains and adopted the use of the irrigation schemes, they would be able to water their crops and harvest in plenty.

In an interview with theCooperator, Akol Sarah, a farmer said this season has been the worst for her because she barely harvested one bag of maize in an acre of land.

She says before she would harvest an average of five bags of maize from the same acre of land.

Another farmer Odeke Robert, shared his ordeal that he barely harvested a bag of choroko from his acre of land even after using fertilizers.

” I used about Shs 250,000 for planting and weeding but only got Shs 150,000 which is so demoralizing,” Odeke said.

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