Skilling the youth: State House to extend presidential hubs in all districts

LIRA – State House will in the near future extend zonal presidential industrial hubs to each district in the country so that disadvantaged youth can get vocational skills training.

Speaking at the pass-out of 218 graduates at Lango Zonal Presidential Hub in Lira University, Eng. Raymond Kamugisha, the director Presidential Hubs said they are targeting to skill more youth so that they engage in income-generating activities and create their own jobs.

The trainees at Lango Zonal Presidential Hub underwent a six-month training in carpentry and joinery, tailoring and garment cutting, and hairdressing. They were passed out on Tuesday by State House Comptroller, Jane Barekye.

They also underwent mindset, patriotism, and leadership skills training impacted by the Uganda people`s Defense Forces [UPDF].

The graduates were awarded Level One Certificate of Uganda Vocational Qualifications which was examined by the Directorate of Industrial Training [DIT], Ministry of Education and Sports.

There are 21 zonal industrial hubs constructed in all sub-regions of Uganda by State House with the aim of skilling 12, 600 youths every year under the Presidential Initiative on Skilling.

In 2020, President Yoweri Museveni implored government to allocate Shs 130 billion for the construction of 21 zonal industrial hubs across the country to enhance youth skilling and training.

The initiative was zeroed on job creation and fighting unemployment opportunities, according to the State House Comptroller, Barekye.

“As you can see Uganda is strategically located in East Africa and a lot is happening around. So we are preparing the youth for all these opportunities because industries are opening everywhere,” Kamugisha said.

“Our target is to go as far as we can though we have budget constraints. Otherwise, we want to extend to other districts,” he added.

Barekye urged the people to thank President Museveni for coming up with the initiative of skilling to fight unemployment in the country.

“You have attained Certificate which is applicable in this country everywhere you go, whether you are going to look for a job or you want to employ yourself, this certificate qualifies you,” she added.

She said looking for jobs even if you have a Masters degree or Ph.D. is not guaranteed, a reason she said Museveni started the initiative to skill the youth in the country.

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