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Sironko leaders decry poor performance of PDM

SIRONKO, January 16, 2024 – Leaders in Sironko district have expressed concerns about the poor performance of the Parish Development Model [PDM] in the district.

The Sironko district Woman Member of Parliament, Florence Nambozo said the district being one the highest beneficiaries of the PDM funds must be a role model in exhibiting the power of the PDM in catapulting Uganda’s socio-economic transformation.

The MP said if the PDM in the district is to succeed, responsible officials must embrace hard work, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, and ethics in the execution of their mandate.

She warned officials that they shouldn’t turn the positions they hold into extortionist opportunities, but use them to provide better services to the people of Sironko district.

The legislator was speaking during the recent PDM meeting organised for Budadiri West Constituency, which attracted parish chiefs, sub-county chief, town Council Clerks, Community Development Officers, and Extension Workers at Buyobo Social Centre by the District leaders.

The meeting aimed at charting ways to improve  the performance of the PDM was attended by the relevant technical staff of Budadiri West and the district.

The Sironko Chief Administrative Officer agreed with MP Nambozo on her concerns, sounding a tough warning to his staff, stating that it is a shame for the district that receives the highest amount of PDM money to be the worst performer.

He said that if it means going against conventional approaches, he will  name and shame corrupt and non-performing staff.

He however informed the meeting that the district’s PDM performance has since improved from 20 percent as earlier reported, to 75 percent, assuring the meeting that under his leadership, laziness has no place, and that optimal performance will be realised.

Sironko district has the highest number of lower local government administrative units, with 42 sub-counties, 224 parishes and close to 1,500 villages.

With 224 parishes, the district receives Shs 2.24 billion in PDM funds.

Launched in February 2022, the PDM is the last mile strategy for service delivery by Government of Uganda for improving incomes and welfare of all Ugandans at the household level. It is an extension of the whole-of-Government approach to development as envisaged under the 3rd National Development Plan [NDPIII], with the parish as the lowest administrative and operational hub for delivering services closer to the people and hence foster local economic development.

Under the programme considered by government as a game changer, each of the beneficiaries borrows Shs 1mln from the Shs 100mln parish revolving fund to invest in selected enterprises such as coffee, dairy farming, fish farming, piggery, grains, fruits, beekeeping and poultry among others.

The programme aims to move 3.5mln households from the subsistence to the money economy, with government injecting over Shs 1 trillion every financial year for disbursement to 10,594 parishes across the country.

Under the programme’s financial inclusion pillar, 30 percent of the parish revolving fund goes to women; 30 percent to youths; 10 percent to persons with disability; 10 percent to the elderly; and lastly 20 percent to men and others who don’t fall in the above special categories.

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