Serere district embarks on rehabilitation of community access roads

SERERE, March 1, 2024 – In the realm of agriculture, better infrastructural development can drastically reduce the time taken to transport produce from farms to markets, therefore helping the farmers to minimise post-harvest losses and maximise profits.

It is for these reasons, among others, that Serere district in Eastern Uganda is taking a decisive step towards infrastructural development by undertaking a comprehensive Shs 1 billion road rehabilitation project, with the money being given by the Uganda Road Fund [URF].

Simon Peter Emesu, an engineer working with Serere District Local Government, said the road rehabilitation initiative targets the refurbishment of 47 kilometres of community access roads.

Among the roads, include Iningo-Aminit-Pacoto road [14kms], Odapakol-Olumot-Atese road [7km], Abulabula-Ajuba landing site road [6kms], Abaango-Apokor-Okwenye road [9kms] and Kamod-Aloro-Madocu-Owinyi road [11kms].

These roads have for decades been impassable during the rainy seasons due to floods and the nature of the soil texture.

However, with the ongoing rehabilitation works launched on Thursday by the State Minister for Fisheries, Hellen Adoa.

Emesu explained that the scope of the rehabilitation works include road alinement, bush clearing, heavy grading, and gravelling among others.

“This strategic move aims to address the transportation challenges faced by residents and commuters due to the poor state of the roads,” said Emesu.

Emesu was confident that they will become mortorable and farmers and the business community will be able to access market for their produce and commodities such as fish.

Fred Opolot, the Chairperson Serere district roads and works committee who is also the Member of Parliament for Pingire County, said the road rehabilitation project is not only expected to boost transportation but also improve access to markets, thereby bolstering the district’s economic activities.

According to him, the overall improvement in the road network in the district will directly support local communities, enhancing mobility, and consequently, quality of life.

Emmanuel Omoding, the Member of Parliament for Serere County said by investing in the road infrastructure, the district authorities anticipate a profound impact on trade and agriculture.

“Improved roads translate to quicker and more efficient movement of goods, stimulating trade activities,” Omoding explained.

On her part, minister Adoa said the success of this project could serve as a catalyst for further developmental endeavors in the region.

She pointed out that the money Serere district received from URF is a testimony that government is committed to enhancing public services and amenities.

“The challenges you have been facing in accessing social services such as markets, schools and health facilities due to poor roads will be no more, Therefore, you should be productive enough now that most roads in the district have been rehabilitated,” she said.

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