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Rebecca Kadaga Warns Sebei Community Over the Unanticipated Return of FGM

Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga retaliates on Female genital mutilation rise in Sebei Sub-Region which has been deemed a threat to Waffle Economic growth.

It’s an irony of expectation that left many government officials tied tongue, the speaker of parliament Uganda, Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga who graced the Sabiny culture day on Friday warned the district leadership to fight against the harmful tradition.

“What you have been reading about everything here in Bukwo is what I already know, the district leadership has done nothing completely in fighting against this practice, but I give credit to the church but I task the district development officer to write a report on why FGM cases are increasing”.

In the changing world, economic development is what most countries and regions are fighting for to raise people’s standards of living.

Sebei sub-region of Uganda has not been exceptional; circumcision is always done during even years where boys are initiated to manhood. But imagine a situation where women undergo female genital mutilation so as to be passed to womanhood. Girls bestowed to this selfish barbaric culture became a subject of discussion across the world in the year 1991.

It was a very somber situation; here more than 200 women and girls in Bukwo district alone have been mutilated, with Kween district also doing the same practice moreover during an odd year.

In Africa, economic hardship has been taunted to have been a marriage of many factors both from political and social meddling, where the society undergoes different metamorphosis of social life, that castigates the emergence of crimes insinuating humanity, wars, epidemic diseases, political turmoil that ensues from political hungry hyenas, nepotism, greed, and self perpetuates or achievers.

It is transglobal and sometimes organized by mutilators and old formal agencies for profit basis, here it implies no disrespect for the immense suffering caused by the activity.

Traditionally, in the African setting, women are considered unclean before mutilated, the adulthood privileges of land ownership is a myth to an unclean woman, so in order to get this, some woman instead of refusing mutilation, they accept to be reduced to the status of chattels.

An estimate of 10-30% of those who undergo FGM die from it, either directly because of shock, infection or from a further complication during childbirth, likewise to the infants these, therefore, affect the productivity level to the local economy, through labor and enterprises

Uganda today is being emancipated on different sectors with a purpose to create change to combat some wired outbreaks or social issues trending. The health sector has been strengthening with many NGO’s present. Truth is said that FGM is a very costly crime that calls for intervention from everybody.

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