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Probe as cooperatives’ maize shelters collapse in Rwanda

KIGALI – The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources [MINAGRI] in Rwanda is working with other government agencies to examine the recent collapse of maize drying shelters belonging to two cooperatives.

According to news outlets in  Rwanda, the investigation into the accidents will help government come up with safety standards and guidelines for the construction of such facilities.

This comes after the collapse of a maize drying shelter was reported earlier this week in Rukumberi sector, Ngoma district, injuring 20 people.

Still in Rwanda, Abaharanira Ubukire Gasagara Farmers’ Cooperative had its drying shelter collapse earlier, killing 10 people, and injuring others.

The cooperative’s president, Telesphore Gashugi attributed the collapse of the shelter to the heavy weight of the maize produce it carried and heavy winds.

According to Gashugi, Abaharanira Ubukire Gasagara Farmers’ Cooperative has 76 members who farm on 12.5 hectares. Gashugi said the farmers under the cooperative used to harvest between 48 and 50 tonnes of maize per season but last year the tonnage increased to 80 tonnes due to increased fertiliser use, and quality seeds.

Meanwhile, Nathalie Niyonagira, the mayor of Ngoma district said 16 people of the 20 who were injured were discharged while four others were still being treated.

“There is a team assessing the status of all drying shelters. And, those which will be found not up to proper standards will temporarily be halted so they can be improved,” she said.

According to a communique released by the Office of the Prime Minister, measures to ensure the safety of built structures will be reinforced to avoid similar incidents in the future.


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