Prices of meat in Aduku shoot up

KWANIA –The scarcity of animals for slaughter has compelled butcheries in Aduku Town Council in Kwania District to hike the prices of various kinds of meat.

A kilogramme of goat meat and mutton in Aduku Daily Market now costs 16,000 from Shs. 13,000. Beef is now selling at Shs 14,000 from Shs 12,000. Meanwhile, the price of pork has gone to Shs 15,000 from Shs 12,000.

Moses Oba, the chairman of Aduku Butchers’ Association says they have increased the prices of meat due to the high demand for animals by businesspersons from other areas.

“We decided to increase prices of meat due to the increase in prices of livestock; there is no scarcity of animals and the demand is so high,“ he said in an interview on Tuesday.

Richard Angulu, a butcher at Aduku Daily Market says there is no way someone will buy an animal for slaughter expensively and sell the meat cheaply which he says explains the increase.

Rosemary Angu, a resident of Aduku Town Council is worried that a number of people may not eat meat because of the high price.

She added: We are now unable to buy meat because there is no money. Imagine a kilo of goat meat now goes for Shs16,000 from Shs13,000. I appeal to the butchers to reduce the price so that we can eat some meat.”

Currently, a bull that weighs 100 kilos goes for between Shs 1 million and Shs 1.2 mln. A he-goat sells for around Shs 250,000. Livestock traders from as far as South Sudan, West Nile, and Mbale are traversing Lango and Acholi sub-regions for animals.

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