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PDM SACCO leaders ineligible to access funds, govt official says

MBARARA- The Parish Development Model SACCO or PDM SACCO executive committee members are not considered as the beneficiaries of the programme, at least for now, this news website can say.

According to Andrew Wambi, the IT expert in the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance PDM leaders across the country are not beneficiaries of the government programme launched in February 2022 to fight household poverty.

Wambi who was speaking to PDM SACCO leaders in Mbarara days ago Wambi told PDM SACCO executive committee leaders to leave the funds for the SACCO members who belong to the different enterprise groups.

He explained they are using the PDM Information System or PDMIS to track beneficiaries being served under the various PDM SACCOs.

“The PDM system uses a National Identification Number [NIN] as a unique identifier. In Uganda each person has only one NIN so when you use the NIN as a PDM SACCO chairperson to enter the system, the same NIN cannot be used again as an enterprise group member,” Wambi said.

He said, “According to the PDM system if you are a SACCO chairperson, a loans officer or a SACCO secretary, you cannot get a loan because you are on the appraisal desk.”

“I have been to places where some PDM SACCO leaders threatened to beat me but that is the naked truth. If you are a Sacco chairperson, a loan’s committee member and a field desk appraiser, please hold on. Let your people first get the money as the government is thinking about you,” Wambi said.

Members on the PDM SACCO executive committee include, the chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer, publicity secretary, parish chief and other three members.

Farouk Kato, the chairman PDM SACCO Katojo ward said that if the government does not pay them a salary for the work being done, they will either withdraw their leadership extract bribes from the beneficiaries.

“Let us also be considered for pay. RDCs and parish chiefs get a monthly salary. You cannot be a principal signatory to PDM SACCO bank account with Shs 100 million and then you don’t benefit from that money,” he said.

Jemima Kangabire, chairperson Kamukuzi ward PDM SACCO also challenged the government to openly tell the SACCO leaders how they will benefit from the programme.

“We cannot commit ourselves to voluntary service yet we also joined the PDM programme like any other people to get ourselves out of poverty. Let the government come out and tell us how we will also equally benefit from the programme,” Kangabire explained.

Dr. Moses Amanyire, the Mbarara City senior production officer who doubles as the PDM coordinator in confirmed the dispatch of 152 mln to 172 beneficiaries in the city on Tuesday.

According to Amanyire, Mbarara city registered a total of 11, 311 beneficiaries in 23 wards of Migina, Bunusya, Rwemigina, Rwenjeru, Kamukuzi, Katete, Rukindo, Nyamityobora among others that have so far received a total of over Shs 952mln.

Out of 11,311 beneficiaries, women contribute 55.4 percent, men at 25.1 percent, youth 17 percent, and the people living with disabilities [PWDs] 1.16 percent.

Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi, asked the PDM leaders in the city to dispatch the remaining 800mln to the beneficiaries before the close of this financial year.

“We had wanted by March these people to have used their money but you all know that we were delayed by the PDM system. Now I want us to agree that within a week or two, the Shs 800mln is also dispatched,” Kakyebezi said.

He urged PDM the beneficiaries use the money on income generating activities so that they are to alleviate poverty out of their households. Let that money borrowed money multiply and then pay back,” Kakyebezi said.

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