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Oyam district boss warns PDM SACCO leaders against favouritism 

OYAM, December 19, 2023 – The Oyam district LCV chairperson, Benson Dila Oyuku has cautioned chairpersons of the Parish Development Model [PDM] SACCOs in the district against favouring their relatives while profiling and vetting the beneficiaries of the programme.

Dila said he had received information indicating PDM SACCO chairpersons in the district are only picking their relatives to benefit from the government programme meant to fight household poverty.

“This is government money, and it is not for you, the PDM SACCO chairmen, and your relatives but for the whole community,” Dila said days on Sunday while handing over 16 boreholes drilled by the non-government organisation, JF Wells Works Africa in Otwal and Aleka sub-counties.

“We shall start moving in the villages to verify the beneficiaries and if we come across any chairperson who has given the money to his or her relatives, that person will be arrested,” he said.

Dila said Oyam district which has 71 parishes received over Shs 7 billion to finance different enterprises selected under the PDM.

He insisted that the district has a population of over 500,000 people and for a successful implementation of PDM government, it should be split it into two administrative units.

Two weeks ago, the district council forwarded to the Ministry of Local Government the proposal for the creation of Aber district out of Oyam and Kamdini Municipality to ease service delivery.

“Due to the huge population, some parishes have not been so effective in the PDM data collection, profiling and vetting,” he said.

The Resident District Commissioner, Willam Komakech said he had arrested some chairpersons in parishes for allegedly extorting money from the beneficiaries. However, he did not mention the names of the culprits.

He said a number of people especially in Otwal Sub-county paid money to the PDM SACCO chairpersons but later their names were excluded.

The PDM is aimed towards a social economic change of lifting about 3.5 million households from the subsistence to a money economy.

Each beneficiary of the PDM is supposed to get Shs 1 million in form of a cheap loan to invest in selected enterprises such as coffee, dairy farming, piggery, poultry keeping, fish farming, maize, beans, and fruit growing among others.

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