Nwoya district health workers grappling with poor accommodation

NWOYA-Several health workers in Nwoya district are residing outside their duty stations due to dilapidated accommodation facilities.

At least 30 percent of the health workers in the district deployed in 10 health centres including health centre IIs and IIIs are renting outside the health facilities.

For instance, at Anaka General Hospital, 120 of 154 hospital staff reside in staff quarters with some sharing rooms while the rest rent outside.

Speaking of the bad situation, Innocent Oneka, the hospital’s administrator, said the 34 health workers who reside outside the hospital have to travel an average of three kilometres daily to report to work.

Oneka said the five blocks housing staff need renovations, adding that some structures do not have doors, windows forcing health workers to use iron sheets as shutters.

“Those who reside within the staff quarters have to endure the bad situation since the housing units are dilapidated,” Oneka said.

“We also have cases of house break-ins even from within the staff quarters, this has among others demoralised our staff,” he added.

Stella Grace Awor, a nursing officer in charge of the hospital theatre said staying outside the staff quarters is dangerous, especially at night. “I have been attacked twice by street gangs who took away my phone,” she said.

Samuel Okot, the Nwoya district health officer said the housing shortage has a huge impact on the performance of the health workers, especially those in the lower health units.

Okot said they have approached government and other stakeholders to improve the accommodation of staff at the health facilities.

On Monday this week, Total E and P handed over to the district a 12-roomed staff house, which it renovated.

“Through partnerships, we on Monday received and handed over to Anaka Hospital a fully renovated 12-roomed staff house which I believe will help solve the housing challenge the facility is grappling with,” Okot said.

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