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Nebbi Municipality Generates Local Revenue In Lockups Giveaway

NEBBI - Nebbi Municipal Council has generated more than Shs 200 million local revenue in lockups give away to local developers for the construction of taxi and bus terminals.

The construction of taxi and bus terminals in Nebbi municipality on Nebbi – Arua road is one of the strategies aimed at boosting local revenue for the council in an effort to implement the basic priority
areas of garbage collection and road maintenance.

Nebbi taxi and bus terminals construction site was leased in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) by the municipal council for the periods of 15 years and thereafter, the council will take over the management of the terminals.

The construction of taxi and bus terminals according to authorities, will take the period of two to three months to be completed.

According to Abwooli Makune William , the Town Clerk Nebbi Municipality, Shs 200 million raised by council will be used to re-activate some of the activities which the council failed to implement due to budget cut in 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Makune says, 534 developers  each paid Shs 500,000  for a 4 by 4, and 4 by 3metre room,  418 developers paid Shs 200,000 meanwhile 8 developers each paid  Shs 3 million each for the bus terminal space of  28 by 30 metres .

“Last year, the council realized  a drastic decline in revenue collections instead of collecting the projected amount of Shs 790 million from local revenue, the council only  collected Shs 500 million  but if the taxi and bus terminals are completed, the council will come up with additional revenue to boost local revenues,” Abwooli said.

His Lordship the Mayor Nebbi Municipality Ngiriker Geoffrey says, for many years, municipal authorities were in running battles with taxi operators over street loading of passengers but if the taxi and bus terminals are fully complete, the local revenue wouldn’t be a problem in the near future since all vehicles will be in a confined place.

Ngiriker added that, the construction of taxi and bus terminals is aimed at providing a temporary accommodation for traders who will be displaced by the construction of the modern market in the municipality which will soon begin.

“The bus and taxi terminals will not only provide local revenues to council but also provide employment to all categories of abled working persons,” Ngiriker said.

One of the developers Adubango MacDonald says, a 15 year time period given by the municipal to the developers to utilize the lockups being constructed is too short for someone to realize the money spent in raising the lockups.

Adubango adds that, they abandoned the municipals Bill of Quantity (BOQ) after they detected  a lot of irregularities in the BOQ because a temporary structure of a single room of 4 by 4 metres with mud motta can’t cost Shs 5 million, but the municipal engineers costed a single room at Shs 5m.

“We were given the BOQ which were not economical to us, that’s why we abandoned the BOQ and are using our own,” Adubango said.

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