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Nebbi Boda-Boda SACCO Fights Over Emyooga Cash

NEBBI – Fights ensued amongst Nebbi boda-boda riders under their association, Nebbi Municipality Boda-Boda SACCO Limited, over illegal withdrawal of Emyooga cash by the executive members.

Emyooga is one of the government’s initiative that was launched by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in August 2019 as part of its strategy to economically transform 68% of Ugandan homesteads from subsistence farming to market-oriented production to eradicate poverty.

According to the government, 18 enterprise categories were identified as having not adequately benefited from the previous wealth creation initiatives, and this included: Journalists, Boda-Boda, women entrepreneurs, carpenters, salon operators, and taxi operators, restaurant owners and welders.

Others are market vendors, youth leaders, Persons with Disabilities [PWDs], produce dealers, mechanics, tailors, performing artistes, army veterans and fishermen but, the money has brought in a lot of chaos among Nebbi Boda-Boda riders because they don’t trust their executive members .

The members revealed that, their executive members illegally withdrew Shs 20 million from the SACCO account and purchased three numberless Bajaj motorcycles from DR-Congo using the Emyooga cash which later sparked off a misunderstanding amongst the members.

According to Parakoch Francis, a member of Nebbi Boda-Boda SACCO Limited; June 10th, 2021, the executive members of the association allegedly used their powers to withdraw Shs 20 million out of the Shs 30 million that was disbursed on the SACCO Centenary Bank account.

“The members were not consulted on the purchase of the motorcycles that’s why there is misunderstanding amongst the Boda-Boda riders,” Parakoch said.

Jakony Cosmas, another group member says three numberless motorcycles were purchased by the executive members at a cost of Shs 3.5 million each totaling to Shs 10.5 million without the consent of the members.

Onegiu Peter, the Chairman Nebbi Boda-Boda SACCO admits that, the idea to purchase three Bajaj motorcycles from DR-Congo was to minimize the cost, since in Uganda the numbered motorcycles Bajaj, are sold at Shs 5 million while in DR-Congo it goes for Shs 3.5 million.

He adds that they bought motorcycles to raise weekly money for the SACCO, which will be deposited on the Boda-Boda account.

However, Onyango Okol Emma, the Nebbi Deputy Resident District Commissioner said it’s a good business idea to buy motorcycles for the Boda-Boda Savings and Credit Cooperative [SACCO], but it was wrong that members were not consulted and called for audit queries of the Commercial Officer who allowed the money to be withdrawn without the guideline of Emyooga.

“We are investigating the motive of Nebbi Municipality Commercial Officer who allowed only the eight executive members of Nebbi Boda-Boda SACCO to withdraw the money and they don’t have their savings,” Onyango said.

Wakwayo Felix, the Commercial Officer Nebbi Municipality, advised members of the Boda-Boda SACCO to use the cooperative and Emyooga principles to help manage their SACCO.

He revealed that so far, four SACCO groups have accessed their money while others are in the pipeline pending verification from Micro Finance Support Centre (MFSC).

“The municipal has 18 SACCOs approved and ready to receive the funds but at the moment only four SACCOs have received their money and using the money,” Wakwayo said.

He further called for good team spirit amongst group members to manage the SACCO.

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