NDA bans importation of L’ Power Coffee

MBARARA – The National drug authority [NDA] has imposed a total ban on the importation of L’ Power Coffee into the Ugandan market. This is after 75 boxes of the product were recently tested and confirmed to be adulterated with sex booster Tadalafil.

According to NDA, Tadalafil causes erectile dysfunction and must be used under strict instructions by a qualified medical professional. It has serious side effects that include; extreme respiratory and cardiac problems, urinary disorders and sometimes leading to coma or death.

Abiaz Rwamwiri, the NDA senior communications manager said the adulterated L-Power Coffee consignment was intercepted at Entebbe International Airport, concealed as a nutritional supplement.

“National Drug Authority warns the public against the consumption of L’ Power Coffee which our laboratory tests have confirmed as adulterated with Tadalafi,” he said.

He said the intercepted boxes of L-Power Coffee came from Malaysia, a coffee-producing country in Asia. “From our search, it shows that a box with 10 sachets goes up to US$ 50 in Malaysia. And we confiscated 75 boxes of these with 7,500 sachets,” Rwamwiri said.

He said that the NDA, together with other law-enforcement agencies, continue to investigate the matter and promised that the culprits [the importers] would be punished.

“NDA working with other enforcement agencies shall continue to investigate to ensure that we crack down those people who were responsible for importing this product whose source we understand is Malaysia,” Rwamwiri noted.

He also warned the public to remain vigilant and report to the NDA any suspicious products found on market.

“We hereby direct all pharmacies, drug shops, supermarkets, online shops or any other drug or health nutritional supplement dealer to stop with immediate effect stocking, sale, distribution or dealing in L’Power Coffee,” Rwamwiri said.

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