Mysterious savage beasts attack livestock in Bushenyi

BUSHENYI- Some of the locals of Katuura village in Mashonga parish, Kyamuhunga Sub-county in Bushenyi district are counting losses as savage beasts continue to kill their livestock.

According to the locals, the beasts attack domestic animals while they are grazing. The residents said beasts also attack the livestock during the night when people are asleep.

Farmers said some of the wild beasts only suck blood after killing mainly goats, sheep, and cows.

On Wednesday evening, the stray wild animals killed five goats belonging to Obed Turyamusima.

Other residents who have lost their animals within a month include; Nshome Kamagambo [seven goats], Tugume Baihikayo [five goats], and Mark Betubiza [one cow].

According to Sula Nuwe, councilor for Mashonga parish, the strange wild animals have so far killed 11 goats, four sheep, and a cow.

“This evening the strange animal killed seven goats belonging to Annet Kekihabuto, a resident of Ryabagaju village in Mashonga parish. We suspect it is a lion or leopard,” he said.

Nuwe said locals are living in fear, calling upon government to intervene before the situation escalates.

“The wild animals seem to move in groups and we are scared they might start attacking our children who go to fetch water and firewood in the neighbourhood,” he said.

Also Savio Tumuramye, a farmer in Katura village, Kyamuhunga Sub-county Igara West suspects that they could be wild dogs that have attacked their village three times.

“We suspect them [animals] to be wild dogs because, at one time, we chased them. Actually, they were 14 but so far we have killed four,” said.

Tumuramye said they have approached police and wildlife authorities but no help has come from the government security agencies.

Roberts Natukunda, the Bushenyi district veterinary officer also suspected the wild dogs to be the ones killing domestic animals, adding that responsible officers will find a lasting solution.

“If it is possible we shall hunt them or poison them to restore sanity in the already affected villages but right now I can’t confirm the number of animals killed,” said Natukunda.

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